Samohita Das


Samohita, Counseling Psychologist

What Clients Said About Samohita

I really appreciate how patient Sumohita is and how at times she just lets me be , if I want to cry for a bit I can if I want to take some extra time because a sensitive topic is going on she never makes me feel judged and always provides me with a safe space to do so .

I'm extremely happy with the session. It went really well. Samohita listened to me patiently and trying to address all of my concerns.

About Me

“There are no facts, only interpretations!”

Hello! I am Samohita! I have my Masters in the field of Counselling Psychology from Montfort College, Bangalore. I believe that each and every human being has a potential to rise and grow to their full potential through their unique way of expression. Navigating through this journey of exploration can be challenging, but not impossible.

Taking our own time and at our pace through specialists' input can help to flourish in the journey of exploration. I work from a trauma-informed approach and have training for the same. I have specialisation in Forensic Psychology and work towards the field of "post-traumatic growth". My therapeutic approach lies in the school of CBT, SFBT, marriage and family therapy, and reality therapy.

I am trained in Crisis Counselling and have been awarded by the government for my service during COVID pandemic. I am a tea-lover and curious by nature. This curiosity has helped me to go on in my research journey- have few papers and articles published. Let's be curious; let's interpret!