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3 main ways Therapy helps

First, the relief after opening up. When you talk about your pains and confusions openly with the therapist and finally feel understood by someone, this in itself is a profound experience which we rarely have in our lives. Also, being able to say whatever comes to your mind without a filter, and not having to worry about being judged is a special feeling.

Second, the therapist asks you questions which help you figure out patterns and themes in your problems. You move from the feeling of being stuck in a dark cloud to now a clearer picture of themes that you need to work on. This makes you feel much lighter and life seems manageable.

Giving couples a sense of shared meaningThird, the therapist offers you psychology-based new thoughts and behaviors (through talk, activities and learning resources) which actually serve as direct solutions to your mental health concerns. We firmly believe that improving ‘happiness and well-being’ is ultimately just a skill. And therapy is simply a space where this skill can be learnt.

Client feedback, in their words...

Shridhar understood the whole situation and tried to provide solutions for each problem. He did not take any sides. Also have enough exercise to go over that will help the relationship and did a follow up on that.

Comfortable session with Rishabh. Little improvements… we are able to communicate more freely and openly. Able to accept/realise mistakes. Taking accountability.

Vidushi has been extremely patient & I like our therapy. I like the way she is taking into account our immediate problems but at the same time also sustainable solutions

3 key features of this therapy


You take the driving seat during sessions. Therapists focus on the problems that are of highest priority to you. Even though it’s the duty of a good therapist to challenge your thinking and priorities when necessary, but overall, you would always feel in control of the therapy process.


Our therapists will give you homework to do after sessions. This comes in the form of exercises/activities that you can do and resources that you can read or watch. This is essential for bringing real long-lasting change.


We base our therapy practice on CBT, which is one of the best scientific approaches to therapy. We even include health and mindfulness related interventions, which research shows contribute greatly to better mental health.

Some FAQs and concerns...

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