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Counselling Sessions

Counselling Services from trained professionals.
For Individuals, Couples, Children & Others.
Available both on Audio & Video Platforms.

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Psychology Trainings & Internships

A platform for young budding mental health professionals to learn from the practising experts about the field of psychology across various arenas. With a plethora of hands on knowledge and mock drills there is something for each one of you.

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Seminars & Workshops

Spreading the wisdom and impactful understanding pan India amidst various schools, colleges, corporates and several organisations, catch our founder live in action!

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Talk of the Town

Customers Insight into our Services.

-What our clients had to say-

Great two-way communication, though the counselor had my problems listed but still he listened to my current state first, my perspective and then he started his point of view and suggestions to find a solution. Punctuality, the session started and ended on the scheduled, the counselor did not keep me waiting which is professionally a great thing.

Harsh Soni

Really good. It's like an eye-opening session once every week which leaves you feeling happy and inspired. There have been positive changes in my life because of it. Thankyou :)

Vanshika Kabir

I am completely satisfied with my session with Shridhar. I was absolutely clueless about the two choices at this stage of my life; great fears with anxiety. I still have some anxiety but the fear is controlled to a large extent. Shridhar showed me the way ahead that I was absolutely blind to! After the struggle of 1 whole year, some light and positivity is seen in my life! Thank you Shridhar for understanding me and helping me in this critical stage of my life.

Rhea Tyagi

For now, my single session of counselling has been pretty helpful. I felt comfortable to talk about my issues with sir. Sir’s been really calm and insightful while solving my problems. The entire program design is really systemic and clear. I would like to continue my counselling session in near future. I really like your content on YouTube, it’s fresh and clear of explicit understanding.

Anmol Deep Lamba

I Could speak my mind, he is a patient listener. I will take more sessions after I figure out the path ahead

Dipti Joshi

Rishab seems to have clear understanding of things, he was prompt in relating and give solutions on spot. it was quiet beneficial so far, i think with on going counselling from him, I would be able to have closure or better understanding on some of my past happenings which gives me discomfort time to time.

Shiwani Bansal

The overall experience was great, Shridhar gave valuable suggestions which cleared my doubts and also showed me the way to how to proceed further.

Harsh Soni

Shridhar is very knowledgeable and confident with the resolution of the problems I faced, the answers he provided for the questions and doubts I had was very helpful and made sense to me

Jeevan Tripathi

It was good.. I feel 1 hr session is not enough for the couple counselling. I appreciate that the counselor listens to us with a beautiful smile.Basically I am nervous to talk to people but here it was okay..

Grevita Danthy