Shubhangi Arora


Shubhangi, Counseling Psychologist

Finished Gottman Therapy Level 1.

What Clients Said About Shubhangi

I'm truly thankful, Shubhangi. After dedicating 8 weeks to learning self-compassion, I can't express how much it has transformed both my professional and personal life. My friends continuously remark on the significant positive changes they've noticed in me.

Because of counseling session and the way Shubhangi ma'am thought me to live life, with acceptance I have came out of my mother's death grief positively. I really felt a great help of Shubhangi maam's teachings of life. A truly pure life with good and bad like my heart beats. Lub and dub... Thankyou maam. Words will not end thanking you and SSL. And my experience of life..bye. 3731 have become my favourite number.🙂

About Me

“Whenever we are surrounded by darkness we try to find a tiny ray of light which is supposed to give us hope. Similarly, a therapist will help you help yourself to find your path out of the obstacles.”

In a nation like India, we claim to understand the concept of mental health, yet we do not value it as highly as we do bodily ailments. I want to make sure that everyone knows that even if we cannot see our mind, that doesn't imply it doesn't exist. Our mind is like a massive ocean that is much deeper than one could fathom. The first step to learning who we are and the distinct qualities we have is being a part of therapy.

Professional Lines-
I am a clinical psychologist with a master's degree in clinical psychology from Amity University in Noida. I completed my internships at several notable hospitals, which helped me realise how crucial it is to get our thoughts and feelings out to prevent them from becoming bottled up. I have been a part of a 150-hour Fellowship in Counseling Psychology under Zentered Minds.